Tuesday, January 15, 2019


The indicator 20/20 is a measurement of visual acuity that indicates a person has normal vision.  2020 (without the slant bar) is a notation of the year of our next Presidential election.

Jay Inslee, the Governor of the State of Washington has launched a website and investigation into whether he should run for President of the United States in 2020.

It is interesting that in his surveys, over 50 percent of the people contacted say ‘no’, he should not run.  Why?  Mostly because it would take a long look into history to find a worse Governor for Washington State.  I’m certain there may have been one, but not to my 75-year-old recollection.
So, what will Mr. Inslee do for the Country if elected to the highest office in the land?  Will it be to improve police/public relations, reduce homelessness, improve foreign relations or make the delivery of healthcare more efficient?  No!  Inslee’s stated campaign platform it to address (not improve, eliminate or mitigate) global warming.

What are Inslee’s plans for the next year in Washington State?  Well, it seems that he has very few plans to even be in the State; his campaign desires are to take him out of the State for prolonged periods of time, and leave the Lt. Governor in charge (at a 70% increase in salary) while Governor Inslee draws full salary and benefits, including a security detail that will travel with him.

Folks, The State of Washington already has the highest gas tax in the Nation (thank you Governor), the highest business taxes and more being proposed (thank you Governor) and Mr. Inslee, among others, is proposing that we establish a capital gains tax on the sale of businesses and other investments, and an income tax on the rest of us. (thank you Mr. Governor).  By the way, Mr. Governor, did you know that an income tax or capital gains tax on the sale of businesses – goes against the Washington State Constitution?  I didn’t think so.

 Is it no wonder the Boeing Company moved their headquarters out of Washington State?  Many more businesses will soon follow, I’m sure.

Does Inslee have 20/20 for 2020?  The only thing he has any acute visibility of, is his self-sustaining and self-fueled ego, that clearly blocks any normal vision for the future, for the State or the Country.
If Inslee happens to be elected, we will have 20/20 as we look back on 2019, and clearly see the awful mistake that has been made.