Friday, May 26, 2017

Who’s Next?

Well, the Presidential election is over, most of the dust has settled and the Country is still quite divided.  But, regardless of which candidate won, and regardless of how upset/happy you are….and regardless of the fact that we’ve done this 44 times before; the die has been cast and there is a President in office.

Impeach him!  Declare him incompetent! Sign a petition to get rid of him!  Those are some of the mild protests against Mr. Trump.  There are many more that are not printable but we’ll leave them for now.
But what will happen if Mr. Trump is impeached, declared incompetent or 60 million people sign a petition to “throw the bum out”, to use a baseball phrase. 

Frankly I think too many of the folks who did not support Mr. Trump believe that if he is removed from office, Mrs. Clinton would take his place.

No, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how it works.  If Mr. Trump is removed from office, or quits as some believe he will (he’s never quit anything in his past), Mr. Pence, the current Vice President, would become President, and a new Vice President would be chosen by then President Pence, and confirmed by the Senate.  Who would Mr. Pence pick?  I doubt it would be a liberal thinking person….in fact it would probably be someone of like mind and character with him.
Who would then President Pence pick to serve on the Supreme Court to fill the obvious positions that will certainly become vacant soon?  Not more liberal judges that’s for sure!  The Court will take on a conservative bent, for years to come!

Think about it; Mr. Trump is not a solid conservative, as he sees things through a different political looking glass than many conservatives.  He might even have some liberal tendencies.  Mr. Pence certainly does not!

To those who are trying to bring down President Trump, I give you two pieces of advise:  1) Take a Civics Class, so you know how the system works; 2) Be careful when wishing, you may get what you wish for.