Monday, November 20, 2017


I hate you....well I hate you!  Why?'re different than I am.

I have remained pretty silent as I watch the eradication of a society, which once was proud of it's ability to compromise, problem solve, bind together against a common enemy and find a manageable coexistence.  But I'm afraid we are long past QRN (radiotelegraphy signal for point of no return).

I spent 8 years watching and listening to the hatred spewed against Mr. Obama, while he was President; with no recognizable change because of the hatred.  Then there was the hatred for Mrs. Clinton as she ran for the Presidency, and on the other side a hatred for Mr. Trump who was in the same race, and now as Mr. Trump serves as President.

I have to admit that none of the three aforementioned are in my top ten favorite people, but 'hate them'?  no, I don't hate them.  And furthermore, I have to ask; what has your hate done to improve one thing?  Well, I'll answer that for you - nothing has improved because of your hatred for these or any other person.

What your hatred has done, is to divide this Country into shattered pieces, some of which may never be rejoined.  What a great opportunity for another government to take over!

Never before in our history have we fallen so far.  Never before in our history have we been so fractured that no real strong defense against evil can be mustered.  Never before in history has this Nation been so vulnerable to destruction.  and it's all because of hatred!

I am not strong enough or loud enough to change what I see is a 'flat spin' to utter dissolving of a Nation that I love and cherish.  But I, for one, refuse to hate!  I may not like your politics or those of the ones who govern us, but I refuse to hate you or them.  You may shout me down, but I still will not hate you. 

In this Nation, we are allowed to speak our mind.  We can be patriotic or we can not be patriotic, that is a right given to us by our Constitution.  We can be religious or we can not be religious; another right given to us. 

Hating me because I don't agree with you is wrong.  Hating me because I don't worship the way you do is wrong.  Hating me because I don't look like you or live like you is also wrong. 

Forced patriotism can be seen in other countries around the world, where lines and lines of soldiers and lines and lines of little children are forced to parade on special days; march or be punished! Other countries have forced religion.  Convert or die! And finally, other countries will put you to death for opposing leadership - you don't even have to express hatred!  Is this what you really want?

Well, that's it.  Hatred has become the 'way of the day'.  I don't like it and don't intend to be part of it, even if I'm a minority of one.