Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fraud or Incompetence?

When I read the media reports about the most recent election, and the seemingly difficult task that Election Supervisors are having counting the ballots, I must ask; is it Fraud or just Incompetence? 

Look!  The problem isn’t the Russians or any other outside influence.  The problem is the Supervisors and Party operatives who believe that the American Voter is incapable of understanding the issues or that the voting process is simple and has little latitude to become this controversial.

Problem: You have two candidates for an election.  There are X number of people voting.  Candidate #1 receives Y number of votes and Candidate #2 receives Z number of votes.   How do you determine the winner of the election? 

Answer:  Count the damn ballots!  The ballots will tell you which candidate to credit the number of votes.  If you can’t count, which seems to be the problem, stack the ballots in two piles.  Place each ballot in the appropriate pile – that means if the ballot is marked for candidate #1, put it in candidate #1’s pile.  If the ballot is marked for candidate #2, put it in candidate #2’s pile.  The one with the bigger pile wins!

There are no reasons to find boxes of ballots in the back of a returned rental car, or in a teacher’s classroom!  Do you honestly believe that the voters believe that either of these events are accidental?    

Here’s another suggestion:  In each election there are Election Supervisors (sometimes with different titles).  Before letting anyone oversee an election, give them a Civics and Math test, to be certain they understand the process and can count – at least to 100. (ballots can be stacked in multiples of 100…no wait - that’s too difficult, maybe make sure they can count to 10).

There is no reason that elections can’t be settled by a simple count of legitimate ballots…it’s not Rocket Science.

Fraud or incompetence? YES!